Monza is becoming more and more important in the motor racing scene: also the prestigious Le Mans Series will take place in the historic racetrack in Lombardy.

Here are the dates to keep in mind:

  • Test Drive (28th and 29th of March)
  • Race (14th of May)

Do you love speed and the roar of the Grand Touring cars? Then there are plenty of reasons not to miss the only Italian race of the Le Mans Series!

Le Mans Series: the scene of the fastest sporting and grand touring cars of the world

The Le Mans Series (also known by the abbreviation ELMS) is the only European car race involving two types of cars: the Sport Prototype and the Grand Touring.

The challenge is “endurance”: after 4 hours of racing, the first to cross the finish line will be the winner.

The admissible vehicles must have certain technical, aerodynamical and motor features (weight, engine displacement, fuel capacity…).

These are the three categories of cars that can participate:

  • LMP2 (Le Mans Prototype 2): the lightest, with a maximum tank capacity of 50 litres
  • LMP3: identical to the LMP2 in size although they must be heavier, have a larger tank and a Nissan V8 engine
  • LMGT3 (GT Prototype): must weigh a minimum of 1245 kg, and can have a tank with a capacity between 50 to 90 litres of gas, as described by the manufacturer
Auto ammesse a le mans series

From top to bottom: LMP2, LMP3, LMGT3

Le Mans Series: here is the calendar for 2017

The Le Mans Series this year will also be divided into 6 races lasting 4 hours each. Here are the important dates:

  • 15th of April | Silverstone | Great Britain
  • 14th of May | Monza | Italy
  • 23rd of July | Spielberg | Germany
  • 27th of August | Le Castellet | France
  • 24th of September | SPA | Belgium
  • 22nd of October | Portimao | Portugal

Between the 6 circuits chosen this year, Monza was the big surprise, especially after having taken the place of the racing track of Imola, a historical race of the championship.

Some rumours say that the organisational and bureaucratic problems that the Imola circuit has had in recent years were responsible for this change.

The fact remains that the race at Monza will be specially unique, also because the test drive will take place here between the 12th and 15th of March. In short: two incredible opportunities to see your favourite cars whizz past you!

Le Mans Series in Monza: contact and useful information

If you are a fan of car races, this year, Monza represents the only opportunity to enjoy the Le Mans Series in Italy.

Here is all the information and useful contacts for further information:

autodromo monza

Where to stay

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