Room service is available daily from 7am to 10am for breakfast and from 7pm to 9.30pm for dinner. To proceed with your order, please call the reception (tel. 601). Room service charge is 9 euros.



Espresso – sanka coffee – american coffee – barley coffee
cappuccino – hot chocolate – tea – milk
Freshly squeezed orange
Fruit juices
Selection of rolls, brioches and cake of the day with butter, jams and honey
Biscuits, toasts and cereals in monodose packs
Composition of fresh fruit
Plain yogurt or with fruit

€ 23.00



Fassona beef tartare, radishes and hazelnut vinaigrette
15.00 €

Citrus-flavoured marinated salmon and seasonal greens
16.00 €

Baked artichokes with pecorino cheese and parsley
14.00 €


Monza’s famous risotto with “luganega”, local lean sausage
16.00 €

Short pasta “Benedetto Cavalieri” selection with Romanesco cabbage and toma cheese
16.00 €

Home-made spaghetti with scallops and mullets
18.00 €


Baked amberjack, orange and endive
26.00 €

Crumb breaded veal cutlet, slowly pan-fried in clarified butter
26.00 €

Veal ossobuco with its tasty and rich saffron carnaroli risotto
28.00 €

Beef burger (220 gr), Worcester sauce, crispy bacon, Casera DOP cheese and sweet and sour onion
18.00 €


Our tiramisù
8.00 €

Apple strudel and artisanal vanilla ice-cream
8.00 €

Domori chocolate mousse and candied ginger
8.00 €

Raspberry sorbet
6.00 €

VAT and service included.
All fish served raw has been subjected to preventive decontamination treatment by means of blast chiller.
We kindly remind that the staff will be pleased to provide information about food allergy and intolerance concerning our dishes.