These rooms have the feel of an stately residence and, to discover the inspiration that lies behind, you can just look out of the window and admire the beauty of the Villa Reale. The Junior Suites of the Hotel de la Ville in Monza are the most romantic setting for a weekend full of emotion.

You are seduced by the colours: the delicate sea blue and strong dusky pink. Then the furnishings: from the elegant canopy bed to the sitting room with desk and sofa. All around you, fine art collections, from 18th century fans to neoclassical prints and a precious parquet floor.

Size: 35 sqm

Bed: One Queen or King Size

Occupancy: 2 (possibility to add a single bed)

View: Some rooms look out over the Villa Reale

Perché amiamo questa camera

These rooms pay tribute to the light. The atmosphere is luxurious yet carefree, and the colours invite you to stay curled up in each other’s arms

Dea Mussi, housekeeper
General Features
  • Doble wardrobe or walk in closet
  • Balcony
  • Led smart TV
  • Sky channels and streaming platforms
  • Separated walk-in shower and tub
  • Wide travertine and Botticino marble bathroom
Amenities & Services
  • High-speed Internet WiFi access
  • Sitting area with divan and armchair