Overlooking the Royal Park of Monza, 40 minutes away by car and half an hour by train from Lake Como, lies Hotel de la Ville, a hotel which has made elegance and luxury its flagships. Our premises are known for being within walking distance from the Royal Villa, but many underestimate the fact that we are located just 42 km away from one of the most beautiful Italian lakes. Let us unveil its secrets.

Lake Como: one of a kind!

Lake Como, also known as Lario, is a natural, subalpine lake, glacial in origin. It extends into the territories of the provinces of Como and Lecco. This basin, the deepest in Italy, was refuge for wealthy aristocrats since Roman antiquity. Even today the VIPs race to buy homes at its shores. It is not just a matter of fashion, because, thanks to its magnificent landscapes and variety of flora and fauna that distinguishes it, the Lario is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, praised by poets and musicians since the 19th century.

Some of the most famous tourist destinations include:

  • Como: a city with a long history, it is the most important of the region regarding the historical-artistic heritage.
  • Lecco: known worldwide because Alessandro Manzoni set his famous “The Betrothed” there, it offers a harsh and evocative landscape, characterised by meandering creeks and small villages.
  • Bellagio: stands on a promontory located in the middle of Lake Como: the scenic beauty and the worldliness that distinguish it have made it so famous, that a popular resort in Las Vegas is named after it.
  • Varenna: it is an ancient fishing village, unique because of the characteristic buildings that crowd the riverbank.

Lago di como varenna

Lake Como is characterised by a rough landscape consisting of hills and inlets, dotted with differently sized settlements and over the years has always been the destination of a particular tourism, less bulk and more meditative: it’s no coincidence that it was also a favourite destination of young aristocrats, who in the 19th century, undertook the “Grand Tour”, the trip to Europe that would enrich them both spiritually and culturally.

What to do at Lake Como

Lake Como is the destination of thousands of tourists from all over the world looking for relax and beyond: the area is full of historic mansions, churches, sanctuaries and settlements dating back many centuries, not to mention the countless villages located between the mountains and the lake.

The Lario has become over the years a favourite destination of lovers of water sports such as:

  • Sailing
  • Water skiing
  • Windsurfing
  • Scuba diving

Thanks to the variety of natural landscapes, mountain sport lovers can enjoy skiing in the winter season and hiking or free climbing in summer. There are many associations which organise courses and other activities in the area, to provide the tourists with an “all-round” offer.

Hotel lago di como attività

At Lake Como there is also a sailing service available, which offers the possibility of taking a day-long cruise to enjoy the amazing sights. There are even some steamboats still working, for a truly unique experience. For the lovers of relaxation, there are of course the fully equipped shores to enjoy days filled with relax.

Among the different services, Hotel de la Ville offers its customers a concierge service, tourist assistance and private transfer service to arrange your special day at Lake Como, advised by our experienced and helpful staff.