Overlooking the beautiful park of the Royal Villa of Monza, just 2 kilometres from the famous racetrack, lies Hotel de la Ville, a 4 star luxury hotel that is inspired by the former glory of the Savoy without renouncing to all modern comforts and services!

A short walk from the Temple of Speed!

The Monza circuit is really known to everyone, even to those not interested in engines, as a symbol of the passion of the engineers and the Italian car makers for great speed!

The racetrack, which has existed since 1922, has been witness to historical moments of international races and is still a milestone in the major world championships.

Here are some curious details:

  • The absolute speed record in Formula 1 was recorded in this circuit in 2005, by the McLaren of Kimi Raikkonen, which reached 370.1 km/h, consecrating the circuit as the “Temple of speed”.
  • The Monza racetrack is the third in the world
  • Its overpass is the only existing in the world
  • Key innovations of the automotive world were developed on this circuit, such as the telepass, the guard rails and the draining pavement.

The racetrack has always been one of the most important milestones in the car and motorcycle racing scene. It is also now emerging as an ideal place for concerts, festivals and cultural events of international importance, which attracts spectators from all over Europe.

No doubt about it: we Italians we can be very proud to own such an important racetrack, two kilometers from which the hotel of the Nardi family is located. A hotel which for years has been a point of reference for all lovers of elegance, privacy and relaxation. Hotel de la Ville is the only luxury hotel in the area and, being the closest to the circuit, is used by the best Formula 1 teams during the days of the Grand Prix of Monza, earning the name of “pilots’ hotel”: over the years it has hosted champions such as Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa, Kimi Räikkönen, Alain Prost and Niki Lauda.

The hotel overlooks the beautiful Park of Monza (within which lies the racetrack) and, despite being a few steps from the chaotic world of Motorsports, it is an oasis of peace, a world of its own, able to make your stay a unique experience.

Monza circuit: many activities for a top-notch experience!

Hotel Monza vicino autodromo attività

The Monza racetrack is open to visitors all year round, except during the holiday season, and its opening hours are those of the Park of Monza:

  • Autumn-winter: from 07:00 to 19:00
  • Spring-summer: from 07:00 to 20:30

For the delight of the fans, there are a series of activities aimed at experiencing and getting to know this temple of speed at its fullest:

  • Guided tours of the racetrack: you can visit the most exclusive areas of the circuit accompanied by expert guides, including the newsroom, paddock, pit boxes and, of course, you can get on the podium. The tour can be done by bike or by minivan.
  • Visits with augmented reality: the Monza racetrack is the first in the world to use special glasses fitted with a modern technology that will allow you to blend the real vision of the places with the virtual one for a fully “immersive” visit.
  • Laps aboard sports cars driven by professional drivers, to experience the thrill of speed in total safety.
  • Experience the pit stops, with tire change simulations, to live the experience of driving through to the fullest.

It is now possible for true fans to live a unique experience, a real “driving experience”, in which you can enjoy a thrilling trail ride driving your favourite sports car: be it a Lamborghini or a Ferrari; you will definitely experience the thrill of the great drivers.

For further information on organised activities at the racetrack, prices and bookings, please contact the information point. We gently remind you that Hotel de la Ville, in collaboration with Pure Sport, offers you a special deal, which includes the experience of driving on the track and staying in a room of your choice: an opportunity not to be missed!