To contain the spread of Covid-19 infection, we are constantly working to sanitize the hotel and develop the best procedures to make your next stay safe.

General COVID-19 prevention measures

General measures to prevent and contain contagion are essential, indispensable and founding factors of the company’s anti-COVID19 protocol and include:


  • frequently sanitize hands with soap and water and with the products provided
  • avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • always wear a face mask without valve (it must cover both the mouth and the nose)
  • cough or sneeze by covering yourself with a folded arm or a handkerchief, which must be removed immediately
  • always maintain at least 1 metre distance between yourself and other people
  • avoid close contact, handshakes and hugs with other people

Specific COVID-19 prevention measures in use at Hotel de la Ville

  • All employees of the Hotel de la Ville constantly wear face masks for the duration of their shift and have a Green Pass (with a double dose of COVID-19 vaccination, with a swab every 48 hours or recovery from COVID within 6 months)
  • All the guests must wear their own or the hotel provided face mask with the sole exception of your room and sitting at the restaurant
  • All guests at the Derby Grill Restaurant, Derby Bar or attending a meeting or banquet are required to have their Green Pass checked (obtained following a negative result from rapid or molecular swab)
  • Temperature measurement with a thermo scanner is required for all employees before the start of the shift
  • All rooms are hygienized both with sanitizing products and with ozonizartic machine (daily)
  • All rooms and common areas are subject to periodic additional sanitization with a special atomiser (weekly)
  • All the aeration characteristics of the rooms and ventilation systems have been checked and all the filter packs of the ventilation and/or air conditioning systems have been cleaned, sanitized and where necessary replaced
  • Employees and guests flows have been rethought in order to reduce the number of people entering and leaving the hotel