“Italia, Fascino e Mito” exhibition at the Royal Palace in Monza tells about the grandeur of our beautiful country. A journey through time, from 16th century to modern age.

Top destination of the 19th-century Grand Tour, Italy has always been one of the best location for European aristocrats and academics as source of inspiration and education. They were attracted by great monuments and famous artworks, but they also reached the “Bel Paese” to enjoy landscape, weather conditions and folk traditions. For this reason, Italy became a synonym of the educated Europe.
Thanks to the great event of Expo Milan 2015, the Tourist and Culture Ministry organized inside the Royal Palace in Monza the exhibition “Italia, Fascino e Mito. Dal Cinquecento al contemporaneo”. You have time until September 6th 2015 to start this fascinating journey through the main steps of our country, experienced and understood by the most important foreign artists. Paintings, sculptures and photographs by Rubens, Botticelli, Dalì and Warhol will make the Royal Palace in Monza – just in front of Hotel de la Ville – even richer. Italia, Fascino e Mito at the Royal Palace in Monza – concerning Expo Milan 2015 – wants to value the great artistic and landscape heritarge of Italy.