Summer may be over, but that does not mean we cannot enjoy a moment of pure relaxation surrounded by nature, a spectacle particularly beautiful with the autumn colours… Monza is a quaint town, rich in history, art and charming hidden corners. Furthermore, it possesses one of Europe’s most beautiful parks, that of the Royal Villa…

A walk in the park.

The plant species that populate the Park of Monza cannot be described in a few lines: a triumph of smells, colours and open spaces to get lost in, literally.

There are thematic tours organised daily in the park to discover the most hidden corners:

  • The Green Giant itinerary: a 9km long trail in which you will find century-old trees, true natural monuments. From beeches dating back to the Napoleonic era to giant oaks and redwoods. The tulip tree is definitely worth a visit, with its spectacle in late autumn, worthy of an impressionist painting.
  • The itinerary along the Lambro river follows the river from an old Franciscan sanctuary, over a bridge from the 17th century and then traverses along the bank, populated by many tree species such as plane trees, alders, poplars, maples and ashes. The natural spectacle of this area is always very suggestive, but specially in autumn, when the coloured leaves from an immense carpet.
  • The bike trail allows you to pedal through the beauties of the park, along tree-lined avenues, villas, farmhouses and mills, admiring an unrivalled natural spectacle. You can also rent scooters, tandem bikes and push chairs.

For further information concerning opening times, prices and other activities, we recommend you visit the website of the Reggia di Monza.

autunno monza parco

A walk in Monza.

The history of the city dates back to the dawn of time. It was founded by Celtic tribes, fell afterwards under the reign of Romans, Lombards and Austrians, all of which left traces in the city which we can still admire.

Monza is not a bug city and can be easily visited on foot or by bike (it has bicycle paths). If you wish to enjoy it fully, set aside a bit of time to walk along its street and alleys, where you will be able to admire:

  • The medieval tower, also called the tower of Teodolinda, it was built by an ancient family to guard the entrance to the city and make sure that the tariffs on the merchandise entering Monza were duly paid.
  • The Lombard Tower is the only evidence left of the Lombard period of the city and one of the few left in Lombardy.
  • The famous Duomo, next to the tower, was built between the 14th and the 17th century. It hosts the remain of Queen Teodolinga and the famous Iron Crown (that, legend has it, contains one of the nails from Christ’s cross). It was used to crown the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • The Arengario, born as town hall of Monza, it dates back to the 13th century and contains a porch, where the local market was held, and an upper part for the assemblies of the municipality. Today, it hosts cultural events and exhibitions.

Obviously, the beauties of Monza don’t end here. We have given you just a few tips. Now it’s up to you to discover all the hidden secrets of this quaint town, some less famous than others but beautiful nonetheless, specially, in autumn.

Hotel de la Ville: a short walk away from the Park of Monza.

autunno monza hotel de la ville

Looking over the famous Royal Villa, of which it enjoys a splendid view, lies Hotel de la Ville, the 4-star luxury hotel. It has made elegance and refinement its flagships and offers an out-of-this-world atmosphere to enjoy moments of pure relaxation.

  • Rooms and suites luxuriously furnished and equipped with all kinds of amenities, such as Wi-Fi, air conditioning, telephone TV and DVD-player.
  • The indoor restaurant, the award-winning Derby Grill, reign of Executive Chef Fabio Silva, one of the most famous in the Brianza region.
  • The adjacent bar, the Derby Bar, which share the splendid Veranda with the restaurant, a premise we have launched only recently. This is the go-to place in Monza where you can enjoy an aperitif, an informal dinner or an after-dinner drink, enjoying the delicacies of the Chef of the Derby Grill.

What are you waiting for to indulge yourself with a couple of unforgettable days? Don’t hesitate to ask for information, we will be happy to meet your every need!