The image exhibition “Ayrton Senna. The Last Night“, inspired by the book written by the journalist Giorgio Terruzzi, called “Suite 200. L’ultima notte di Ayrton Senna” (Suite 200. Ayrton Senna’s Last Night), will be hosted inside Museo della Velocità (Museum of speed) in Monza national racetrack from February 17th to July 24th 2016.

A temple to velocity.

Launched in June 2015, Museo della Velocità, hosted inside Monza national racetrack is a tribute to one of the symbols of the city. Know worldwide and place to be for motors fans, the racetrack is the main character every year in September, when the most famous Formula 1 drivers run on one of the most exciting trail of the championship.



With a century-lasting history, Monza racetrack created its own museum with the aim of handing down the records marked on its trail and of becoming an unique destination in the world for Mortosports lovers. Museo della Velocità is divided in 14 thematic areas, designed for a multi-sensorial experience. This is what you will find:

  • images and videos that tells the story of the circuit.
  • anectodes about drivers who ran on the trail.
  • rare pieces and collectors’ keepsakes.
  • edutainment installations.
  • areas dedicated to the history of memorable cars and bikes.

Ayrton Senna in Monza through one hundred images.

From February 17th to July 24th 2016, Museo della Velocità will host “Ayrton Senna. The last night” exhibition, which the story of the Brazilian champion’s sporting career together with his more intimate aspects through more or less one hundred images. These moments were framed by Ercole Colombo, one of the leading Formula 1 photographers.

The exhibition, enriched by the words of Giorgio Terruzzi, traces the most significant moments in Ayrton Senna’s life: his early days driving go-karts, his debut in the world of Formula 1, the historical wins and defeats, his friends and rivals in racing, the complex relationship with Alain Prost, his loves, faith, family life and the last few dramatic hours on the track. Without forgetting some objects belonging to Senna, including the original go-kart he drove at the beginning of his career.


The visit culminates in Senna’s last night, spent in the now-famous “Suite-200″ of Hotel Castello in Castel San Pietro, near Imola race track. In an evocative room, suspended in time and space, visitors will be able to share in the feelings and reflections of that pensive night.

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Hotel de la Ville Monza, drivers hotel.

The relationship between Hotel de la Ville in Monza, the racetrack and Formula 1 has been strenghtened as the years go by. The only luxury hotel of the city has always been the first choice among the most famous GP drivers during the first weekend of September. Hotel de la Ville, hotel close to Monza national racetrack, is renowned for its extraordinary service of its staff and the refined elegance of its decorations.


Moreover, you can find:

For its enviable location, opposite to the Royal Palace of Monza and at a few kilometres from Formula 1 racetrack, Hotel de la Ville is the place to stay to visit the exhibition about Ayrton Senna in Monza, hosted inside Museo della Velocità until July 24th.

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