It is the fastest track in Europe, if not the world, it’s 5793 metres long and has made history in the Formula 1 world: we are talking about the Monza National Circuit, known everywhere as the “temple of speed”. This is the track where the best-known drivers have raced. Here, all fans, in addition to living an unforgettable driving experience at the steering wheel of their dream cars, can take part in many activities aimed at raising awareness of the general public regarding this Italian engineering masterpiece.

Choose your favourite car and fly on the track.

You will have the best of Italian automotive engineering for a top driving experience: dream cars, which we would all like to drive at least once in our lives … You can choose between the 4 best performing cars of the moment:

  • Ferrari 488 GTB
  • Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Lamborghini Huracàn
  • Lamborghini Gallardo

On the day stipulated for the driving experience, you will be registered and you will meet the staff. You will then participate in a briefing on pilot technique, during which experts will give you valuable tips on driving, technical settings and trajectories ideal for a correct approach to sportive driving.

Once you have learned the basics, you will carry out a reconnaissance round on a shuttle to view the circuit, and then enjoy a ride in a GT simulator.

At this point you are ready to make your dream come true: you will be placed in the car and will have an exciting and thrilling driving experience safely, accompanied by an experienced instructor who will sit beside you in the passenger’s seat.driving experience monza

Enjoy a special day at the racetrack.

The driving experience is just one of many activities taking place at the Monza racetrack: special guided tours are organised (on foot, by car or by bike), aimed at showing all its most significant sites, normally not accessible to the public. There are also team building activities, training sessions and driving simulations to experience the thrill of high speeds safely. Here are some examples:

  • Guided tour of the circuit: you will be accompanied by expert guides to the most exclusive areas of the circuit, such as the box pits, paddock, the offices of the race management and, of course, the podium; to live from inside the emotions of the most famous drivers.
  • Bike tours of the circuit: grab a bike and go around the circuit taking your time, accompanied by a guide, who will show you the main points of interest and, if you still haven’t had enough, you can continue to the Monza Park, one of the largest in Europe!
  • Circuit tour on sports cars: do you prefer a Jaguar, a Lotus or an Alfa Romeo? Sit back on the passenger’s seat and enjoy the ride accompanied by an experienced driver for an exciting tour of the circuit!

And it doesn’t stop here: are you a business or company which wants to organize team building activities to stimulate group cohesion through unconventional and extremely exciting outdoor activities? Contact the infopoint of the circuit and the staff will advise you as to the best activity: between sportive driving courses and F1 simulator sessions, to experience the thrill of driving a car at 300 km per hour!

Hotel de la Ville: a short walk from the Temple of Speed.

driving experience hotel de la ville

You have decided to indulge yourself with a dream day at the racetrack? You are a company and you have chosen the Monza racetrack for your team building activity? Enjoy a unique stay in one of the most famous luxury hotels in Brianza, overlooking the Royal Villa of Monza and only 2 km away from the circuit!

Hotel de la Ville is a 4-star hotel with 62 rooms and suites, furnished with a touch that reminds of the ancient glories of the Royal Villa, divided into the historic building and the magnificent annex, La Villa, perfect for those seeking an even more exclusive stay.

You can also find within its doors the award-winning Derby Grill, one of the most renowned restaurants in Brianza, kingdom of chef Fabio Silva. The hotel also has an exclusive American Bar, where bartender Carlos Rosa will delight you with his cocktails in an elegant and enchanting atmosphere.

Are you a fan of luxury and speed? Aside from a day at “full speed” at the racetrack, indulge yourself with an exclusive stay in the heart of Brianza for a complete dream vacation…