Two hundred photos for an exhibition divided in seven areas which tell about the sacredness of places so far from each other. This is the cornerstone of the photographic exhibition Nomachi, Le vie dell’anima in Monza, at Serrone of the Royal Palace.

Ganges and Nile rivers, Sahara desert and Andes mountains, Tibet and Ethiopia: these far-away lands have been captured by Kazuyoshi Nomachi’s lens and bond together by spirituality. The famous Japanese documentary photographer – who has always been involved in the theme of pray and sacred research – shows a selection of 200 images that catch spirituality in extraordinary landscapes, through portraits and human figures that melt with them and acquire a sort of transcendental dimension.

Nomachi, Le vie dell’anima in Monza will be displayed inside Serrone of the Royal Palace from May 30th to November 8th 2015, a short walk from Hotel de la Ville, perfect location for cultural and art weekends in Brianza.