Eighteen courses, six creative minds and a wonderful summer party: ViviBrianza Association gathers at ViviBrianza Summer Fest and provides culinary awsomeness on Sunday, June 28th at 7 pm in Villa Arese Lucini, ancient villa in Osnago property of Lucini Marquises.

Elegance, taste and magic: these are the ingredients of ViviBrianza Summer Fest. Circus art and a creativity explosion will characterize a long aperitif with dinner to the rhythm of 18 courses, each chef 3: Luca Mauri (A di Alice), Fabio Silva (Derby Grill inside Hotel de la Ville), Enrico Bartolini (Devero Hotel), Christian Di Bari (Due Spade), Giancarlo Morelli (Pomiroeu) and Theo Penati (Pierino Penati).

Like a ceremony, ViviBrianza Summer Fest sponsors a simple philosophy, that of simple taste, of beauty on a plate and of bien-vivre as best expression of a restaurant. Starting from 7 pm in Villa Lucini, at 8 pm there will be guest Chef Marco Stabile performance and, all evening long, wonderful wines (Brunello 2009, Giovanni Allegrini 2011, Palazzo della Torre 2012 and Solosole 2014) by Allegrini, Valpolicella historic winery.

It is advisable to reserve in advance by paying the fee (75 euros). For further information and details, contact Devero Hotel at this phone number 02 95335268, or at this email address ristorante@deverohotel.it