Barbara Perrone, lifestyle/travel blogger & social media addicted, and Davide Tiezzi, soul photographer, present at Hotel de la Ville in Monza, on Friday, June 12th at 7 p.m. the forth edition of their fortunate format “Travel & Swap. Viaggiare con stile barattando” (Travel & Swap. Travelling in style by swapping).

The idea of travelling by swapping started after the great success of swapping in Tuscany during summer 2012; in September 2013 there was the first edition of the real “Travel & Swap. Viaggiare con stile barattando” format, strengthened by the unavoidable hashtag #malesiaswap (1st edition), #osloswap (2nd one), #portogalloswap (3rd trip) and #vietnamswap, for this last edition.

Once Barbara and Davide understood the importance of communication and visibility of hotels, they decided to develop a digital communication format swapping a night or a service in one of those hotels. Smartphones, tablets, cameras and Internet connections are the main “partners” of the project, since they catch and share moments….live!

The project – Travel & Swap. Viaggiare con stile barattando – has different objectives, among those spreading a new way of travelling and encouraging sharing and knowledges among cultures. For this reason, Barbara and Davide bring in every journey a typical Italian gift to share with people they meet all around the world.

Hotels which host the two travel bloggers represent Barbara and Davide philosophy, that of welcoming travellers with style and personality. Their travel atmosphere is lively, they tell about the hidden corners of this extraordinary places and they always interview those who like the “swapping project”.

Among their favourite placese there is Hotel de la Ville in Monza also, chosen by Barbara and Davide for the presentation of their last journey: after Milan, Turin and Lecce, on Friday, June 12th at 7 p.m. they will tell us about their Vietnamese adventure to meet and chat with guests about the latest ways of travelling. All the partners which made “Vietnamswap” possible will take part at the press conference: Hotel de la Ville di Monza, Virginia Travel, Henkel and Biscottificio Cervo.

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